Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Struggling to sell

Yesterday the boys worked on more of their World Cup Learning. We then had a chance to go with Roarke on the bus, for a half hour of his route, as he was on a bus that goes past our house. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it, and when we got back they wrote a story in the style of the "Blue Cow" stories from CBBC's Storymakers.

It was nice to have Roarke home early for once, and we had a quiet, lesiurely family evening.

This morning we went down to our house in Chatham. We've agreed, reluctantly, to drop the price of the house. Apparently, most of the interest is from "prospecters" who are looking to do the house up for profit. The agents therefore feel confident in getting an auction going if we accept offers in excess of a lower price - rather than fixing it at a higher price. It's hard, because the difference in price means no garage conversion (to give us 2 living rooms) and no climbing frame/garden activity set for the boys :-(

Anyone after a house in Chatham, feel free to contact me!

In the afternoon we met up with several other families at Mote Park in Maidstone, and the kids and the parents had a good time.

I have made good progress this week with relationships with several of our local LEAs - I hope to post more information here soon.

Well, that's me done early - ready for the England game!

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