Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bits and Blogs

Highlights from yesterday:

A journey down to the old house to empty out our shed, bringing back our tools, barbeque and some more of the boys' toys.

If you fancy being REALLY nosy, this is our old house up for sale!

Roarke and the boys went to our local shopping centre to support the Brazillian missionary team that are over with our church this week. A fantastic mix of street dancing, and culture, with a Christian message. They certainly brought colour and music to Orpington!

In the early evening, the team held a street party and invited all the neighbours, putting on the show again for them. It was great to see so many of the local kids trying to salsa, and getting caught up watching the dancing.

Discovered a new blog today - Urban Essex Organic Growing. A great read - highly recommended! I shall enjoy following it.

Talking of recommendations (unashamed plug coming up) my darling husband has set up a blog and I'd love you to have a look, and give him some feedback. He's been posting to a subscriber base for ages, but I've been trying to get him to put his "thoughts" into a blog ever since I got bitten by the bug.

Treat him gently!

Joshua has wanted to find out more about our National Anthem, and also about the popular hymn "Rule Britannia", having heard so much of them during the world cup coverage. Amazingly, other than the Queen's site, and Wilkepedia's entry on the anthem and the song, there seems to be no learning sites out there to cover it. Now, if one was to look into the American national anthem, for example, there are hundreds of pages and lots of school/homeschool sites that cover it. I wonder if that is a reflection on our cultural differences? Either way, it seems a shame. If you know of any sites - or would like to make one let me know!

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