Friday, May 26, 2006

Full learning day

Yesterday I purchased some of the WHSmiths workbooks for the boys. Up until now, we only used workbooks for maths and English, but with the delay in our internet connection we’ve not been able to use net-based learning so much.

This has meant more reliance on “table” work, hence the new books.

I got a combined STATS paper workbook for English, science and maths for Joshua. We’re not using it as a series of papers, but just as a framework for our learning. It was also encouraging to Joshua to get 14 ½ out of 15 on the first section that he did on science and realise that he is still ahead of his classmates.

I also got him a separate Geography workbook, as he is heavily into the world, ecology, habitats and cultures.

For Samuel, I got geography and science workbooks. I am trying to slowly improve his awareness of the world, and his general knowledge, rather than building up those individual subjects. I am noticing with him though that information needs to be repeated for it to stay current. As an example, we’ve just had to go back and relearn telling the time, because he had not used time telling for ages, and had seemingly forgotten how to do it. I wonder if that is common amongst Aspies?

The boys seemed eager to settle down to the new books, which was great. Between them, and some documentaries that Nan had recorded (on whales, and on climate change), plus the schools programmes, we had a nearly full day of learning.

In the evening Roarke and I popped back to Chatham to collect some free laminate flooring from Freecycle – perfect to do Joshua’s bedroom floor (he is asthmatic and the old carpet in there is a nightmare for him).

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Carol said...

Glad you are all back up and running, I dont get to read blogs much at the minute.
Samuel sounds very very similar to Em and Abi. I have to literally 'drip feed' them information over several days/sessions before it even sratches the surface. I think that it is a huge part of how Aspies/ASD children are. I find them both to be visual learners: they both seem to learn from TV or Internet or 'seeing/doing' the work but paperwork goes mostly over their heads. Abi is 10 and still doesnt tell the time without help yet she completed a 30 page workbook correctly.