Monday, April 10, 2006

Other Matters

On Saturday we took the boys to visit Kits Coty, and then onto Coldrum Long Barrow. The history of the site is amazing, and the boys were in wonder at standing by something some 5000 years old. We also took our visiting Flat Travellers with us, to show them some of Kent's ancient history.

On the way back, on one of our infamous family "mystery tours" (in other words, Roarke was lost!) we found Trosley Country Park, which we plan to return to and investigate. We've only lived here 12 years without knowing this was here!

Today (Monday) whilst I was up with Dad, Roarke took the boys to meet up with several other families from the group at Cobtree Manor Park. The children played, including on a makeshift swing in the trees, and met up with a new family in the group. They are German, and keen to improve their english - which is fabulous as we are trying to learn German! Hopefully, we can set up some shared learning there to benefit everyone.

Meantime, it does indeed look like Medway LEA have broken the Data Protection law and the matter is now in the hands of the Information Commission. It is important that they are not allowed to "get away" with it and I am still awaiting their explanation for their actions.

The UK HE community is also now considering public protests over the Pupil Registration Regulations and other moves that the Government is making, seemingly to slowly erode the right to home educate. Whilst we understand that by taking it into the public arena we are taking a risk, it is better to fight with the risk of losing, than to not fight and lose anyway.

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Steph said...

I am glad there has been some encouraging news. The removal of the DNR from his file is a very, very good sign. (((Hugs))) You're still in my prayers.