Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This morning I finally found the time to email Medway LEA to raise my concerns over their apparent breach of the Data Protection Act, by requesting/sharing information about home educated children with other agencies, such as social services and the police.

I await their response with interest!

The boys took advantage of the warm sunshine to play out in the garden, behind the stone wall/fort that their Dad is building at the bottom of the garden.

I didn't go to see Dad today - he was due to have my Mum there all day, plus a friend, plus my sister in law took the baby in to see him, with my brother calling in later. By all accounts though, he was very chatty and much more "with it" today. He is also being allowed 30ml of water to sip an hour - the first since midday on Friday.

J had an emotional day - he went in with me yesterday evening to see his Grandad and I think today he was suffering the after effects. All in all it has been one long meltdown today which has drained us all.

Still, their friend Dan made them each a stick figure yesterday, and today their "Treeopets" (as they decided to call them) have been on some grand adventures. The older two took a pair of plastic pirate ships (playmobile size) and added lego bits to them to create wonderful floating houses for their pets.

Very inventive!

I've also been very tearful today - it has all caught up with me again as well. Early to bed, methinks.

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Steph said...

I love the treeopets! That is so innovative. :-)