Saturday, April 08, 2006

God have Mercy

I was all set to do another "catch up post" this evening, with lots to share and lots to tell you.

But I have been hit with some awful news this evening - out of the blue, when I was not with her, my Mum got approached at the hospital and told that, in fact, Dad did have cancer. They said that as he is so weak, they are concerned about his heart and wanted to know if she wanted him resuscitated if he went into heart failure... There was nothing to prepare us for this - they had led us to believe that there was no cancer.

No doctor has spoken to us since the operation on Friday - they have left us all this time. I am so angry as well as being upset.

My mum is devastaed.

They say they will be telling Dad on Monday - but I don't want them too as it will finish him.

I am going to try to see a doctor tomorrow at the hospital wtih my brother - and make a huge scene if they don't accomodate me. They have no idea what is going to hit them tomorrow.

I just don't know what to do or think. I can't let the boys know but it is almost impossible to keep my composure. tomorrow will be worse as we are all going in to see him.

all prayers gratefully received - I am in God's Hands and only He can intervene here. Please pray for Him to be merciful, for the doctors to be there to answer our questions - mainly - does he still have the cancer or not? did they cut it out? any of it? They said last week that they may just have to "sew him back up" - but as no one in the past 7 days has said a word, we (obviously wrongly) assumed that hadn't been the case. They even said to Mum this evening "we'll continue to treat him, but..." What kind of thing is that to say to her, out of the blue? Why has it taken 8 days for someone to say something?

I'm sorry - I am shaking in anger, fear and pain. Dear God, my Merciful Father, please have mercy on my father, please show compassion towards us. Please, please hold my Mum - the one night I can't get to her - I can't bear the thought of her sitting in that house alone tonight, with all this pain, and no one to comfort her. I am so grateful that she has You, Lord - please be there for her in a mighty way tonight. Please pave the way tomorrow for my brother and I to see someone who can answer our questions. Please help us to keep our tempers. Please give us the strength to hide this from the boys and, dear God, from Dad.

Anyone on any prayers networks - please have compassion on me and pass this prayer request on. Thank you.


lvg4him said...

Oh Sweet friend! I am so sorry ot hear about your dad. I will pray for you, for him, for your family.

Steph said...

(((Ann))) I am so sorry. I will be praying, and I will mention youe prayer request on my web log. I hope that's O.K.