Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Trees, Monkeys, and Romantic Meals

Yesterday was a busy day! Roarke is on his two rest days so we are trying to cram everything in.

In the morning we planted some of the trees that we received from the Woodland Trust as part of their Trees for All campaign - providing free trees for schools and youth groups. Four families in our group are planting the trees, and we are donating the spares to local charities. The Trust have some great educational resources, worth looking at too. Our visiting Flats took part!

After lunch it was our regular meeting at Monkey Bizz indoor play area (our Flats came too!). It was great to see home ed support in action: families swapping information and ideas, and a 12, 8, 5 and 2 year old all creating and taking part in the same game!

I've decided to make a table top "flag" with UK Home Educators on it, to keep on the table whilst we are there. Hopefully, it might encourage some of the (curious) mums to come over and ask what it is all about.

I've also got some BIG ideas for the group which I am working on - I'll post more as/when/if they bear fruit.

My "regular readers" will know the financial problems that my family have had, and will understand the significance yesterday of an unexpected financial gift. Having set the money aside against the relevant needs, Roarke and I took the opportunity to go and have a meal out whilst an HE friend kindly had the boys for us for 2 hours. The chance to chat, relax and just enjoy each other's company was truly appreciated and did me the world of good.

As is the way of these thing sometime, we came back to find that S had broken his (new) glasses in a tussle with his brother :-(

Roarke is currently at the opticians trying to see how much it will cost to repair them..

The new Support Group for Support Groups is taking off, with 18 groups now represented - and more joining all the time. I'm really excited (I know, I keep saying it) with the potential this has to allow cross county links and support.

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