Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Today we got a little bit more done in the garden, part of our overhaul to create a wilderness play area at the bottom of the garden for the boys, and a nice, pretty flower/vegetable section at the top near the house for us.

In the afternoon, our group visited Brasted Ceramics (near to Westerham) today. They are a paint-your-own studio, and offer school visits, birthday parties, and also cater for the passing trade. They had a huge selection of pots, cups, figurines and tiles that could be painted. We went on the educational rate - the lady who leads is a primary teacher and great with the kids.

Before the visit, we'd received a photocopiable pack which the children worked through to produce a design, and then today they got to transfer the pattern onto a tile and paint, ready for glazing. Most of the parents took part as well, painting a variety of items ranging from cups to penguins!

If you are interested and local to them, you can find the details here.

All afternoon, whilst they were out, I've been working on a new website (business) and have been up to my eyes in javascript, SQL, CSS and things of that ilk. I am now going to go and lay down in a dark room (with the sherry!).

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