Thursday, March 09, 2006

New groups

Posting today from Mum's on dial up, so I'll be brief.

This morning was hectic, but I felt that I caught up on a few things. We have a new Flat Traveller staying with us, but I've let the family know that I don't know how much visiting we'll be able to do with them. I still intend to send back some interesting local information, but feel bad about the lack of activities going on right now.

When we got to Mum's, the boys had lunch and then settled down to some work. S worked through a set of music related experiments from a kit bought for him for Christmas. W worked on his Animal sticker activity fun book (for a short while!). J settled down the the educational CD Rom that came from HGCA, all about the flour supply chain.

If you are involved in running a UK home education support group, check out this new yahoo group. If you are a member of a group, please let the organiser/administrator/owner know about it - they may find it useful.

This afternoon I went in to visit Dad with Mum. He is looking much brighter, and settled in himself - obviously having come to terms (as much as one ever can) with tomorrow's op and the implications of it. Prayers for him for tomorrow (2.30pm GMT) would be appreciated.

Roarke is busy bathing the boys, then he will be going to bed as he's been up since 3.30am, bless him! As for me, I think I'm going to settle down with Dad's bottle of rum...

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