Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The BBC, diets and tax

This morning I decided to sit the boys down to watch some educational tv. I told them that I wasn't going to force them to do loads of work at the table, as I appreciated that their lack of formal learning over the past week was not really down to them, but a result of the circumstances. However, I reminded them that they both get bored if they don't give their brains a workout, and suggested the tv as a compromise.

Once again, I thanked God for the BBC! In the morning on CBBC it is "Class TV" with the educational programmes designed for use in schools. The boys sat through Numbertime, Words & Pictures, 50 minutes of The Maths Channel (aimed at higher than both lads, but they "got" it), and then Primary History (Saxons and Vikings).

As a reward, they were allowed to play computer games (it's the only thing I restrict from them, in direct connection to their learning). They both fed their Neopets, then played their pc Incredibles game that S got for Christmas.

I've caught up on 3 loads of washing, and some of my internet stuff.

I've been thinking of setting up a UK yahoo group for gf, as whilst the US ones I am with are fabulous, occasionally it is frustrating to see mention of products, restaurants etc available out there, that we don't have here. I did a search on UK yahoo groups, and found this one which has only recently been set up. If we can grow this one, it could be very useful - spread the word!

Dad is doing ok - his op is now booked for 2.30pm (GMT) on Friday 10th. We've more or less given up on the hospital food, and Mum is taking salads and soup in everyday. However, he's now been told he can't have any fruit or veg now until after the op. Poor guy - I think that leaves him rice, potato and jelly (with the limited range they have been offering him). It is really a disgrace - he's not had any gf substitutes (eg pasta, bread) and he has no choice at all. The family will definately follow up all our complaints in writing once this is over.

In my hunt for the cause of the boys' relapse this week, the most likely candidates could be the high juice squash we started on - I'm wondering if the glucose/fructose syrup in it is wheat derived. It could also be a separate intolerance to the fruit concentrate.

I'm giving all this lot over to God - I am totally at His Mercy as I cannot cope with it all in my strength. The final staw today was an inexplicable letter from the tax office claiming we owe them a four figure sum of income tax! How this can be, when we have been PAYE for 2 years and had no self employment income above the tax rate, I have no idea!

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