Thursday, March 30, 2006

Days through the haze

Yesterday the boys watched their favourite Discovery programmes, and J saw the second half of the Roman's programme.

As a follow up, I set him a ThinkQuest, and one of their Games. In the afternoon a friend came up with her daughter (home ed). The mum is struggling to motivate her teenage daughter to learn, and short of ideas on what to use to encourage her. The daughter said that she wanted to "be famous" when she grew up. Instead of telling her not to be silly, I took her seriously. We discussed what makes people famous, and got on to the subject of marketing and promotion. I printed out some english exercises for her based on the issue of promotion (which I can't link to because I can't find it again, lol). I also came across a great site - One Stop English - which has a number of cultural materials for teaching english.

I also printed out a wordscramble on pop stars - another favourite "topic" of hers.

She was more than happy to sit down and work through it, at the table with the boys working on their BBC Ten Minute Top Up English books.

Today I left Roarke with the boys whilst I went up to see Mum. Dad was quite ill again today, for some reason that we are not sure of - maybe a reaction to milk. However, Mum took me out for a meal. It means alot to her to be able to talk things over with me and to have the company, and I am happy to be there for her.

I am really struggling though with a bad head cold/bug, courtesy of W, which is leaving me very dizzy and tired. I feel as if I could sleep for a day.

I can't though - another HE group has kindly donated some money to our group in return for my assistance to get a website written for them, so really I should be staying up late.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you connected with your friend's daughter. I will continue to pray for your parents.