Wednesday, March 01, 2006

and now for something completely different...

Hi, this is DH - Roarke to those in the know and I have hijacked Ann's blogg for the day. As you may well be aware, Ann's dad is pretty unwell and has been getting worse. Last night he was fairly rushed into hospital as his condition was getting worse.

It was me that did the rushing and I had a learning experience. has anyone sampled the delights of the British NHS at night? Humm

Still after little sleep, how do you women do it? I was left at home ALL DAY ALONE with the 3 children. Another learning experience. I love Home Edding. as I was thinking about what we did today I realised that we "learnt" nothing and we "learnt" everything.

I am not sure how you would describe this in the curriculum but:-
We learnt that sometimes things don't go as planned and that's alright. You just adapt and go with the flow.
We learnt that sometimes we don't get what we want as we have to put our own desires and needs to one side to help other people less fortunate than ourselves.
We learnt that sometimes looking after what seem like little details to us can mean so much to someone else.
We learnt that playing nicely together and simply sharing our lives with one another can be the most valuable lesson time we get as we learn communication, patience, understanding, compassion and grace.

I learnt that no matter how much we may frustrate each other, this is only a small reminder of how much I frustrate God, and however many times I had to forgive the "sorrys", listen to the arguments and get accused of being horrid, my Father has to face more.

We learnt the value of friendship as our friends came to visit, phoned and emailed.

I could wax on lyrical for hours. But I wont!! Suffice to say the freedom that Home Ed gives us and the opportunities for lessons in life remind me why I know that this was the right decision for us.
Where else would you end up discussing the number of people in China and how a Cesearian section works all in the same conversation?

Well thanks for reading, and normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


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Angel said...

Sorry to hear Ann's father is sick,will be thinking about you all.
You learned some pretty amazing lessons- gave me a lot to think about