Sunday, February 26, 2006

Our New Family Member

Well, today we went to see the newest arrival to the family.

We arrived just as the little fellow needed to feed. The boys were very excited and had to be kept outside the room whilst their little cousin fed, as they were so hyped up. We took over a giant fluffy bunny to stand guard on our behalf in his bedroom, as well as a lovely quilted playmat ready for when he is on the floor and our hand made card.

Little T is gorgeous (obviously takes after his Mum rather than my Brother lol).

I've found it a strangely emotional day - pride in their new arrival, family love, as well as an ache for another little lad of my own. Dh and I love being parents - yes even taking into account the bad days - and I can see what leads families to keep adding to their numbers.

After the visit, we went back to Mum's for a meal. Mum did her best, but they had some gluten in some ingredients of the meal. I need to make/bake some stuff and leave up there, as well as some basics, for when we are up there.

It was good for Mum to have some company as she is finding it hard coping with Dad at times, with his illness. Sadly, he is suffering with depression as a result of this illness. Nothing we can say or do seems to reach him and I really don't know how/when/if this is going to change. In the meantime, he is spending all day sitting in the chair, not eating, and in a lot of pain. He is due to see the specialist on Tuesday and my brother is going with him, to try and push things along.

J asked to stay overnight at his Nan's, and dh is staying there too. I've brought the other two home with me, and we'll go back up tomorrow. In the afternoon I am due to meet a lady researcher from the BBC about "stay at home mums". I'd value prayers for the interview.

How about an educational link of the day? If you fancy something a bit different, how about looking at potatoes? Potatoes for Schools have worksheets aimed at primary and secondary levels, as well as recipes and (if you are in the UK) details on arranging a visit to your local potato farm.

If you are looking for resources for projects for March, have a look at the Resource page for our group.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blessing! Congratulations to your brother and sister-in-law.