Monday, February 27, 2006

A normal day

This morning was quite odd, getting up without J and dh here. S was quiet, and very well behaved, telling me he "was in charge as I'm the oldest man here today", bless him. We have definately noticed the diet change helping him far more than it so far has affected J.

We went out via the post office to post an eBay parcel, then off to Nanny's house. J had a nice evening there it seems, watching documentaries with Nanny and enjoying a good chin wag with her. I know that the change in diet is gradually being accepted by S - on the way up to his Nan's him and W were playing "the shopping game". It consisted of them being an "intergalatic shopping mall" (goodness knows where he gets his ideas from) that delivered to your door. When I ordered some sausages, I got offered "normal or gluten free?"!

In the afternoon, my interview with the two researchers from the BBC went well. The subject got onto home education, and they got so interested that they ran over time by nearly 40 minutes! It will be interesting to see whether anything comes of this or not. They asked me what a "normal" day was like. It took me about 20 minutes to explain that there was no such thing for an HE family - which was half the fun.

I came back with the children with our car, but fortunately dh is going to be able to get a lift with another colleague who lives down the road from us (and whose family is in our HE group!) who happens to finish the same time as him (after 1am). That's good - it means I won't need a hot water bottle tonight - last night I went to be in my dressing gown as the bed was so cold!

Educational link for the day - the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English has some good lesson plans.

Food for thought - a quote from Alec Bourne - "It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated." Think I'll have that above the door the day the LEA Inspector comes to visit!

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lvg4him said...

I love all the educational links you send through! Even the ones for the UK work here and are saved for future refrence (my girls are quite a bit younger than your boys) =^) Good to see yo udoing well. HUGS!