Thursday, February 16, 2006

Great Walls

This morning I woke with one of my periodic "bad heads" which put a bit of a dampner on the day. We were forecast stormy weather, so that might have been a trigger.

In the morning I started working preparing the April resources for the Resource section of our group's website. Once I have completed it, I'll update the page and let you know.

At lunch time we took the bus over to our friends in Strood, where we had a lovely afternoon. The children played whilst we caught up on a few things, such as some planning for more events during the spring.

It's been another slow day in so far as any "formal" learning goes, however as is the way with home education, we've actually covered quite a lot today. In the morning we'd watched a programme on Hadrian's Wall, and at our friends J set up his own dividing wall (in their game). This prompted discussion about the Great Wall of China, when we realised we didn't actually know why it had been built. My friend got out her encyclopedia and we looked it up. I love the way that we parents learn with our children!

In the evening J and I also discussed some aspects of local government, including the role of social services in the UK. When dh got in, the boys settled down with him to watch some of the Winter Olympics. Fortunately, dh is mostly recovered. I'm praying that this is the end of this run of ill health for the family.

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