Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fairly odd cakes

Oh boy do I feel rough! My voice is hoarse, my nose is reindeer (as in Rudolph), my legs are jelly. In fact, I don't sound, look or feel human!

In the morning I dragged myself out of bed and took the boys over to see their friends B and H. I love watching the boys play with their young friends, and it's great to see how the little ones have relaxed with my boys now.

In the afternoon, ds3 went off with his Dad in the car and was dropped off at his Nanny's, before dh went to work. He is staying the night at Nan's because tomorrow we are taking the eldest two boys to France for the day. Ds2 will be eight tomorrow, and he has decided to have his birthday gifts as money in order to take it as euros to France to buy himself presents there. We are somewhat French addicts and go whenever we can. The boys speak very basic conversational French (even ds3 can say hello, goodbye, please and thank you in French) and have developed a love for the culture, food and shops of France like us.

We usually take ds3 with us but as this is purely a shopping trip tomorrow, and ds2 will be the centre of attention, we felt that he would have more fun being the sole centre of attention at his Nan's for the day.

This evening I have iced and decorated the cake for ds2. I usually offer to decorate them in whatever the boys want. Down the years we have had a Percy cake, a Thomas cake, Action Man, a Pirate Ship (complete with sails!), Sully from Monster's Inc, Spiderman climbing a wall (the cake stood on its side and Spiderman was iced on!), and Spiderman shooting out a web (made of liquorice and definately not something I'd repeat!).

This year ds2 asked for a Fairy OddParents cake. Hmm.. So I have just iced the two fairies on top of the cake with a reasonable degree of success. I am not by nature artistic and trying to draw free hand, from a picture printed off the internet, was not easy. However, when I showed it to ds1 he assured me that it wasn't a bad job!

The boys want to stay up tonight but I need an early night, as we will be up early tomorrow.


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