Monday, January 23, 2006

Counting my blessings

My eldest has the most caring nature, and I am so very blessed by being his Mum: this morning I felt very yucky with the head cold, though praise God I had a good night's sleep last night. Ds1 announced that he was going to be my helper today so that I would only have to work "part-time" and could spend the spare time laying on the sofa resting. He told his brothers that "Mum works really hard for all of us and never gets any time off, so I think we should help her today".

Bless him! He's taken such good care of me today.

He spent an hour and a half on the Wonderville site - he wrote about what he has learnt on his blog.

Ds3 has been playing with his toy sweet shop, using raisins and chocolate crispies in place of sweets - I must own up that it is only because I didn't have any sweets, not because of being a super healthy Mum!

Ds2 spent over an hour on the computer, learning. As well as the typing site, he also went onto Wonderville. I didn't make him do any table work as the fact that he announced "I'm doing my learning now" was significant and I did not want to spoil the moment by making him go to the table.

It was also our intention for them to be autonomous in their learning, and the introduction of a time target was purely brought in as a means of getting them started following their deschooling. I know that, particularly in Christian homes, the idea of autonomous learning is not particularly supported. I totally understand the viewpoint behind promoting a more disciplined and, for want of a better term, prescribed method of home schooling. The fact that I have not chosen it is not actually a reflection on whether or not I agree with it (I find it very convincing) but more to do with where the children are at the moment. I think I need to get my own house in order with God to a far greater exetent before I am in a position to introduce that sort of disciplined regime.

I am very thankful to God because today dh is in far less pain, so the prayers of everyone have been most beneficial - thank you all for your wonderful support.

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