Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cookies, trains and friendship

This morning I made some cookies. Note that I made them, not the boys.

It is one area in which I feel very inadequate as a Mum - when it comes to allowing the children to make a mess, I always chicken out. I struggle not to interfer when they start to go "wrong" on a recipe, or when the paint gets knocked over, or the glitter hits the carpet... Unlike my Mum, I am unable to say "oh well, it will wash off" but instead have to bite my tongue not to yell at them for making a mess.

I comfort myself with the fact that they love my cooking - and my cookies - and don't seem to notice the fact that I make them for them.

Ds2 is still struggling with his learning. I put out an appeal to the HE groups that I am with for ideas/worksheets for train related learning, as trains are the only thing guaranteed to motivate him. I have been really touched with the consideration that so many have shown in coming back to me with a whole range of ideas.

This evening, just as dh stepped through the door home from work, a friend rang up in need of a lift to a hospital appointment. I recognised God's Hand in the timing, as it really was "chance" that I was in, had the car, and had someone to stay with the children so that I could go to help my friend.

As this friend is someone who, like me, has difficulty in asking for help when they need it - not wishing to burden people - the fact that they felt able to ring meant so very much to me. I truly felt honoured to be able to help make a difference to their life, by stepping in to fill a practical need.

Over the past 13 years, I have been blessed many, many times by friends, family and church members who have similarly stepped up to the plate for our family. It was truly a pleasure to be able to give back.

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