Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bills, Pills and Bread Pudding

Not a good start to the day - after a night of serious insomnia I gave up, and got up early to start on my emails and planning for the day.

No internet. Hmm. No TV. No phone.

Apparently, we had a bill due to be paid manually yesterday which dh forgot to let me know about and, as we were already a month behind (due to overdue backpay), that meant that our services had been cut off.

Particularly as a homeschooling mum, I realised quite painfully just how much I rely upon the internet to assist me through my day. Perhaps a cause for some further reflection?

By midday, the matter was sorted. However, I was in a lot of pain from all the driving that I had done over the previous 24 hours. Three months ago my youngest (3) had jumped from the back of the sofa onto my outstretched (unsupported) arm and caused serious damage: crushed ulna nerve, soft tissue damage, and several pulled/damaged muscles. Although we have an automatic car, even now it still hurts to drive.

Fortunately, my parents were down again today. They come down once a week to help out with odd jobs, and with the homeschooling of the children. They are a real blessings to us all. Especially today, as Nanny produced her famous Bread Pudding which certainly helped cheer us all up!

The boys have been left very much to their own devices today with their learning. We had a trip to the library and they both brought back some books. Ds2 is interested in the Great Fire of London (and it's got nothing to do with trains!!), and we managed to find him a children's non-fiction book about the subject. I was very pleased to see him reading through it later on at the table.

Without any supervision (Nanny and I were at the shops) both boys managed almost an hour, divided between reading, learning on the pc and some written work.

My next planning focus is Flat Travellers - I've recently joined the Flat Travellers - Homeschool group, and we are enjoying preparing our very own, first Flat Traveller to go out on their way. Watch this space for details!

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