Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weary Weekend

On Saturday Roarke took the youngest three boys over to a friend's for a birthday party, whilst I stayed home with Josh.

When they left, Guitar Hero had been on so I thought I'd have just a quick go before switching it off.... 50 minutes later I noticed the time! Eek!

Once I'd got my sensible head back on I made dauphinoise potatoes, a mushroom duxelle and some onion gravy ready for the family meal over at my Mum's on Sunday.

Sunday morning I went to early church (9.30am) then got the bus direct to Mum's to prepare a starter, then prepare and cook the pork tenderloin. Roarke came over at 1.30pm after having taken everyone else to the second service at church, and my brother arrived with his family - and pudding! We shared a family meal together in memory of Dad, and thinking of what would have been Dad & Mum's 45th wedding anniversary.

This morning I will be speaking with Coeliac UK to see if Dad's "story" can be useful to them in any way in their campaigning.

Yesterday was a typical Monday here, with a bits-and-bobs kind of day - a mixture of business and family things. We've set up a home server now so that we can store shared files and back up to it which means I should be able to hold of some of the educational stuff I've got stored around various computers!

Josh has been working on finishing the stuff for his Bronze Arts Award, and I'm glad that he has self-motivated to get on with it himself.

Over the weekend I went to change the sheet on Jonathan's cot bed, only to discover (when I pulled the bed out to reach some teddies that had fallen down) that there was black mould all down the wall and it had gone into his mattress, his teddies, and the headboard. I was shocked to say the least. This has meant (other than a frantic phone call to the landlord) in having to move his bed away from the way and it is now sticking out into the middle of the room and touching foot-to-foot with our bed.

I had an awful night last night with Jonathan. He woke up at 2.50am and had a cuddle, then wanted to come into bed with us. I was very tired and as I don't sleep well once he is with us, I decided to encourage him to settle back in his own bed.

I had not allowed for how stubborn he is.

1hr 45 minutes later I thought he had finally gone to sleep so I took of my dressing gown (sub-zero temperatures are not recommended for sitting up for nearly 2hrs in the middle of the night!) and went to get back in to bed. A little voice piped up from the other side of the room "what are you doing Mummy?!". I replied "getting into bed because I'm cold!" and Jonathan said "me too, I want to come into your bed too!"

I was so tired and cold I gave in - and wasted all that time having sat up!

I slept lightly for the rest of the night and ended up getting up at 7.15am just to get some headspace - hence having actually blogged!


a said...

that's a long time to be up in the cold night - reminds me of some bad nights with F a long time ago - really hope you can catch up on some sleep soon, LOL at Guitar Hero eating up the time.
Family meal to remember your dad sounds good. Hugs, Ali M

Tis me said...

awww but look at his picture he's soooo cute :-) make the most of the sleepless nights, they'll soon be nearly 20 like our Connor , it passes so fast , blink and it's gone and he'll be at uni lol xxxx