Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year, New Focus

New Year's Eve was brilliant!

Our church held a party, which was very well attended. Everyone brought a "cultural dish" for the international supper at the start. I had offered to help with the serving and sorting of the meal, and ended up staying on to help with the whole of the evening, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

After the meal, there was a "BCC's Got Talent" show. Roarke sang "empty chairs, empty tables" from Les Miserables, to the surprise of many in the church who didn't know he could sing!

He dedicated the song to me, which was really lovely

We then had a short worship session and word from Pastor Lydia, and then broke to share some (non-alcoholic) champagne, party poppers and glow sticks - ready for the count down. After 12, there was then a brilliant firework display (which I didn't see as I was helping clear up the popped poppers!)

All in all I felt it was the perfect way for me to start my new year - surrounded by my friends at BCC, and serving.

The next day we went for breakfast at the pastor's house; his way of saying thanks to those who served during the evening. We got talking with a few people about the part 2 of Dr Who, and one thing led to another and we ended up having five friends around to watch part 1, and then part 2, of Dr Who! My left-over turkey nasi goreng had to stretch to feed an extra 5 mouths, so I decided to experiment with Indonesian food. I made a pickled salad, an aubergine stew, and then banana fritters!

The next day Josh and Samuel had their snowed-off Christmas party. A good time it appears was had by all, and Roarke managed to stay up in our room watching a DVD and wasn't needed!

He's been laid up actually since Christmas with a massive gout attack that saw him back on crutches. It has taken 10 days to ease off

On 3rd Roarke and I joined with others in our church to start a "Daniel fast". This is based on Daniel 10 where he forgo "fine food" and ate only fruit and vegetables for 21 days. Fortunately, vegan cooking holds no fear for me, and so far we are doing ok with our meals. We are keeping with very simple, plain food, in keeping with the idea of the fast.

I've been blessed with being able to slip out of bed each morning at 7am before everyone else and spend between 1 and 2 hours downstairs before Jonathan has got up. This has given me the chance to spend time reading my Bible and focusing on God and what He has in store for me this year.

Of course, we have to mention the snow!

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