Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 15

Hmm, my hope of blogging daily for 2010 obviously isn't happening, and neither is weekly at the moment!

It has been an odd time, with a real mix of things happening. Spiritually, things are awesome and moving, physically - not so good! We've all had a horrendous cold, with Josh, Roarke and Jonathan having the hacking cough that is doing the rounds. We've also all - except Josh - had the winter vomitting bug thing. Because Roarke and I are on a reduced diet being on the Daniel Fast, that knocked us out quite hard for several days.

Jonathan went 8 days without a bowel movement, then GP-prescribed laxatives worked - but only once. Somehow Jonathan seems to realise it is in his drink - and he is refusing to drink. Not only does this mean we can't get the amount of laxative in him that we need to but also - anyway - that the constipation is going to be worse due to the lack of fluids. He's only having two bottles of drink (the size of the lunchbox sort of bottle you can get) in a day - no where near enough.

But how can you FORCE a child to drink?!! We are doing all the usual stuff, different cups, bottles, flavours, offering it all the time - he's too smart.

With the heavy cold, the constipation AND then getting the sickness bug, he now hasn't eaten properly since Monday either. Today for example he's had 1/2 a packet of tomato & basil biscuits, one chocolate cup cake, and half a packet of marmite rice cakes. Oh and about 4 tablespoons of (dry) cereal for breakfast. He sits with his hands over his mouth refusing to eat. If you ask him why, he says "I'm scared" - which is what he says when he feels unsure or unhappy about something but can't express how/why/what exactly.

I'm really unhappy about it all and getting concerned. He saw his gastro-enterologist on Thursday who was NO help and didn't seem at all bothered. Kinda hard to do that when it is your own child though.

Roarke is at the rheumatologist tomorrow. His foot is really bad and hasn't responded to the gout diet leading us to think that this isn't now gout. He definately had a flare up at Christmas but this now seems something else.

We are on day 15 of our 21 day Daniel Fast and Josh joined us on it today too, giving up cheese and meat. He hopes to be able to last at least two days. I think it is awesome that this 14 year old young man takes his faith seriously enough to do this.

We planning how we are going to break our fast next week! It will be Samuel's 12th birthday on Monday 25th so we'll have a few excuses :-)

We are enjoying Guitar Hero! This week we had friends come over with their guitar and drum kit and we got to play "band" on it. They also brought over their Metallica Guitar Hero which was AWESOME!

So much fun!

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poakley said...

Hi Ann, this is Paula, wife of Ian Oakley that you were in contact with re: filming. Pop in to your blog occasionally(!) Sorry to hear you've all been poorly. Hopefully everyone's much better now but I thought I'd just suggest the one thing that worked with one of mine with chronic constipation when she was about J's age - prune juice in lemonade - after refusing everything for days, she couldn't get enough of the stuff : ) I'm sure you ended up trying everything, but just in case!... Health to you all!