Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And so on to December

Jonathan went to his dietician appointment last week. She was very impressed with his overall diet but concerned at the sudden constipation that he started with a few months ago so she recommended that I made an appointment with my GP.

Typically, since booking that appointment it appears to have cleared up, more or less overnight, on its own, no change of diet or anything, stopping as suddenly as it started!

On Thursday Roarke took the three older boys to a home education trip to... a chocolate factory! As you can imagine, a great time was had by all:and they enjoyed eating their produce :-)

Friday was a busy day. Samuel was collected in the morning by friends and went to the home ed skating at Gillingham. Roarke drove Josh over to Sutton to meet up with Theo for his birthday trip to the cinema. William and Jonathan went over to their Nan's whilst Roarke and I went for a business meeting. Then we collected everyone together again, had a very quick dinner, then Josh and Samuel went to Baseline with their friend Aron.

Saturday morning I had the chance to go out and share a breakfast with some of the women from church, at someone's flat, which made a really nice change. I'm really bad at making friends, especially with women, so it was A Good Thing for me to make myself do.

In the afternoon Roarke took Josh over to Carshalton to the theatre ready for his show. Roarke, myself and Samuel went to see it in the evening. The whole show was excellent. Once again the Young SAVVY Company produced some amazing performances under the direction of Sheree Vickers and the play DAGS (by Debra Oswald) was really enjoyable. As Roarke said, it wasn't some end of term young people's play - it was a real performance that was enjoyable and would have been impressive from a bunch of adults let alone 13-19 year olds! Josh was A STAR of course and we were excited to see how he has grown in his acting. He had one line that relied 100% on comic timing - something not all grown actors can do - and he delivered it absolutely perfectly and it was really funny.

DAGS is about the culture of school/youth, bullies, fitting in, being fat, teen relationships... it was quite unsettling to see Josh in a school uniform to play his part - shocking actually - and hugely ironic that he would be in such a show. I actually found the play upsetting in so far as it could have been written about me in my secondary schools years...

Defiinately made me come out thanking God for home education!

Sunday was community day at church, with an italian themed meal after the second service.

Over the course of the weekend we started putting up our Christmas decorations. Regular readers will know that we make the whole of December a special month, rather than focusing on just the two days of Christmas, because otherwise our aspie and asd lads just can't handle it. Yesterday (Monday) we finished putting up the outside lights on the house and had a grand switch on in the evening much to the amusement of the rush hour queued traffic outside our house!

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