Sunday, May 03, 2009

Grey states with a silver lining

The housing tale is not over - we are still pursuing the council for what we feel we should be given, but the basic update is that we are waiting for a 4 bed house in Keston to be finished being renovated and then we will be moving in. Its a private rental, and housing are only paying 3 bed rate of benefit...

My main priority though is to get the boys moved, and to get Samuel and William the space they both desperately have to have.

Being in this "grey" state of moving is awful. Naturally, for Samuel, William and Roarke it is a major issue but it is also getting to Josh and myself. I definately feel like I am at the bottom of an inverted pyramid of pressure trying to cope with everyone's stress levels.

Rays of sunshine though through these cloudy days:

We took the boys to Keston village to show them their new neighbourhood and God fixed it for us to meet - in the middle of the woods - our new next door neighbour! It enabled us to have a casual chat and size each other up. I *think* she went away with a favourable impression...!

Each of the families in the three houses (we are in one semi) have four kids, though the others are older, so at least they aren't shy of larger families.

I've been going through some of the local history with the boys, covering Wilberforce, Pitt, as well as the Romans, which is kind of cool. Seems our house is an addition to what is believed to have been a gate house for Holwood House.

Josh is happy to have started back to SAVVY after the easter break, and to know he has now been registered to start his Arts Award. He also has a casting this week. Would be good if he could finally get something. We've now got the copy of the Golden Door recording so at least he now has some showreel!

Which reminds me, I need to update his website..

The boys enjoyed a trip to see the Robotic Zoo exhibition at the Hornimans museum during the week and Josh enjoyed starting sailing again on Friday.

Sadly today the intermittent fault on our kia decided to become more of a fixture, so at the moment of writing both cars are off the road. I don't really need the expensive of getting it fixed now, as we have to buy new beds for Samuel and William (who currently have bunk beds), as well as things like washing machines, kettles, toasters, dustbins and other bits and pieces that we've gradually got rid of in the three years here.

Ho hum.


Mrs Boho said...

I hope you will be very happy in your new home ... :0)

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased there is some progress, hopefully it wont be long now.