Saturday, March 07, 2009

Changing Down a Gear

It has been a slightly quieter week this week, thank goodness.

On Tuesday we had our regular outing to the indoor play area in the Medway Towns, with three other families. The mums had a good chance to chat and put the world to rights, whilst the children played. Once again it struck me how boys and girls of vastly different ages could accept each other so readily and play alongisde, and even with, each other.

As an adult, I can also appreciate how home education continues to bring me into contact with other adults that I would not have come across otherwise and I am the richer for it.

This week we also had an outing to the Royal Engineers Musuem, fabulously organised by Sheila, which included their Brilliant Bridges educational workshop. I found it tough being there - as the last time I went was with Dad. I also got recognised by the ex-sapper taking the talk who remembered me from other visits. Considering I haven't been for about 4 years I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or worried... admittedly I did use to go there a lot when we lived in Chatham!

Josh had SAVVY on Thursday. Roarke was ill so I took and collected Josh - driving back through snow, hail and rain which was most bizzare. The Artistc Director of SAVVY had some information to show us on the Arts Award scheme. Having looking into it, Josh is really keen so it looks like that will be a great way for him to study in an area that means so much to him by going for the Bronze Award.

Having realised the other week that there was more stuff on Education City that William hadn't done (because I hadn't clicked all the buttons) I managed to "encourage" him to sit down. Once he gets onto the site he loves it and usually has to be dragged away. That's my justification for dropping my autonomous principles every so often and getting him to log on... As usual he got full marks on everything - despite doing it 100% on his own with no one helping or showing him what to do.

Roarke seemed to get over the odd 48 bug thing that he had, and is off at work again today. This afternoon the rest of us are going over to my brother's house for a little tea party for my nephew who has just turned 3. That meant putting Jonathan up for an early sleep, which in turn has meant the chance to get on here and blog!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got a quieter week, we can't have you burning out :)