Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rollercoaster Week

Phew, what a week!

The BBC London piece turned out ok, which was a relief. Janey did fab in the evening.

Vanessa Feltz - that was scary. I was soooo nervous, hopping around the room, running up and down the stairs. But apparently my nerves didn't "show" on the radio ;0)

Then the downer of that Indpendent article... still growling over that.

On a personal note, well, you know about chaos theory? The old butterfly flapping its wings? Well I reckon that the effect of the Hadron Collider being turned on was chaos in our household.

On the day it was turned on, Roarke had an audition to get an agent. I nipped out to the shops hoping to get him an anniversary card (no luck). When I got back he was running around because he'd realised that he'd misread the trains times and was running late.

Because of that, I decided to drive him to the station (about 7 minutes by car). As I was just popping out I didn't bother to change into shoes (can you start to see where this is heading?). Also, as Jonathan has destroyed my mobile, I didn't have a phone - I never leave the house if Jonathan isn't with me without a phone.

Anyhow... just as we were nearly at the station - the car stopped. The accelerator (throttle) cable had snapped! Roarke just looked me and me at him... he had 4 minutes before his train left and I wasn't prepared for him to miss this chance at the audition, so I made him get out the car and run off.

I was now on a main road, in my slippers, no phone, and about 20 minutes walk away from home. All four kids at home with my Mum.

I knocked on some doors until I found someone in (I forgot to mention I was on a hill) further down the hill and asked if I could roll the car back down the hill and into their drive. The elderly man kindly said yes. I then set off home IN MY SLIPPERS. Slippers are not designed for long walks. Let alone running.

By the time I got in I was seriously stressed. I found the breakdown stuff and called the RAC.

Then I realised I had a new problem. I now had to get back to the car to meet the RAC. I couldn't find anyone to give me a lift. I couldn't walk back - partly because of time (they were quick, I have to give them credit for that) and partly because my knee was in agony (old knee problem currently flaring up).

So I had to drive the other car. The other car is also not working properly and can't be driven reliably. I stalled it 4 times on the short drive over!

The RAC couldn't fix the car in the end because of the damage done to some parts when the cable snapped. So he had to tow me home. But first he had to follow me home in the OTHER car, then drive me back to get the 7 seater!

Then Roarke rang to say that although he'd made his train, and the first part of the audition fine, they were now running late. That evening his class for dyslexic children was starting back at Bromley College and so this meant he might not get back (from Surbiton) in time.

Just as he was about the give up and come home, they called him in. Poor guy really didn't feel he gave a good audition as he was so stressed. Still, he did, and he got his train back. I couldn't find anyone to get to the college so the IT guy opened the room and put a sign on the door telling everyone that the tutor was on his way.

In the end he was only 15 minutes late.

He just got everyone settled then the computer system crashed and he had to send them all home! After all that!

The next day was our wedding anniversary. 15 years. And to think we were told it wouldn't last because it was such a whirlwind romance (9 months from strangers, to husband and wife).

No car. So that meant we couldn't go to the home ed picnic we'd planned. Instead mum kindly offered to stay with the boys, including baby, and we nipped over to Bromley (in the other car) to have lunch out.

That evening also we managed a meal out. A bit rushed, trying to get back before Jonathan needed to go to bed, but we managed a few hours together.

The next day was our HE meeting in Bromley. It was really busy! New families, some new to the group only but some new to HE as well. I had to drive the other car over (Josh stayed home as we only have three seatbelts in it) but the car stalled lots on the way over and Samuel and William got very scared, especially when it happened in the middle of a busy cross roads.

As it turned out, more teens than usual were there so someone kindly drove back to get Josh.

When it was time to leave, he got a lift back with someone else. Our car stalled three times, once it was almost 5 minutes before it would start again, and all of us were nervous wrecks by the time we got in!

Today we managed to replace the throttle cable though, so that is a relief, and the other car is booked for a mechanic next week.

Roarke has been playing Sim City with the boys in turn, creating a city with each of them. We seem to have a resurgence of Star Wars interest too, with pc games and all the films going on in a marathan.

I've set up a survey about EO's role with the media - take part if you like even if you aren't an EO member (as long as you are a home educator).

I've got work to catch up on now but I'm not in the mood...


Shirl said...

Gosh, poor you! Hope you are feeling less stressed now.

Elle said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it! Happy anniversary btw! Elle

Vicki said...

And your still alive! Wow!

well done!

The Mom said...

Wow what a nightmare :-)

I hope you have had a good rest and recovered by now.


Dawny said...

wow it's always so hectic at yours Ann :) It's tired me out reading it.
it was our anniversary today, happy anniversary for you too - we nearly forgot ours lol.
hugs to all.

cosmic seed said...

you need an extra category for the first question - *no - was but don't intend to rejoin* or even just a straight *no* would do frankly.