Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Feeling a bit calmer now, thanks to some wonderful friends on and off line.

Highlights from the past few days?

William asking about the meaning of a whole bunch of words: physics, conscience, and dishonour being just three of them! When I asked about this eclectic bunch of words, he said that anytime he hears a word on TV he doesn't know, he remembers it so he can ask what it means.


Also a highlight was the phone call for William from his new friend, the 88 year old lady, inviting him over for a drink this morning.

He's into fixing things at the moment, carrying around a shoe box with "William's Tool Box" written on it, filed with odds and ends. This started after findng a lot of nuts and bolts buried at the edges of Cobtree Manor Park, which we went to on Monday with our HE group.

It was a lovely afternoon. Seven families and sixteen children, between the ages of 14 months and 14! Really, really nice time.

Samuel went shopping with my Mum and my Brother today to a big Sainsburys, and he looked after his cousin (2) whilst he went round with him. Joshua meantime went with Roarke to get his hair cut, prior to his test photo shoot next week with the agency.

Roarke has an audition tomorrow (didn't get the part for the tv series one off), and this one is actually for a small part in a real film. With real sponsors and a real "name" in it. Hope the audition goes well for him. This is his first big audition.

Has it been a full moon recently? Samuel and William's behaviour has been awful, really manic, full of meltdowns, very emotional.

Mind you, I've not been much better ;0)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling calmer now {{{hugs}}}