Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catching Up

I see I haven't posted anything personal since Jonathan's first birthday weekend! Ooops!

We continued to have a good few days "holiday" at home. We went intro Bromley on the Monday (9th) and bought each of the boys something new to wear, then had lunch sitting outside Pret a Mange - introducing Samuel to brie and tomato sandwiches (which is now a new favourite of his!).

The we took the boys swimming ; Jonathan is somewhat aquaphobic so we hoped that it would help him. Well, he DID stop screaming after a while, but he spent the whole time clinging to my neck and refusing to let go!

We then went off to the St Pauls Cray Meadows, to meet up with Grace and the boys, and to let them play in the stream building dams.

As part of our holiday treat to ourselves, we also went and bought some paint and laminate flooring so that we could decorate the front room. Sharing with mum means we have one reception room and so far, in the two years we've been here, we hadn't got around to changing anything - the decoration was from my 81 year old grandfather (who has been dead 20 years) and my brother (who used to have the room as his living room when he lived at home).

Now we have one dark red wall, three pale almost pink walls, and a wooden floor! That kept us busy - we had to paint of an evening once Jonathan had gone to sleep and on Friday Roarke spent a marathon day laying the floor in one day.

We've also enjoyed a few meals out, had some take aways shared with Mum, and generally it was a nice week.

On Thursday Josh had the teen group, and Friday of course was my usual busy day - doing the shopping first thing, Josh going kayaking, and me and the other three boys going to the Bromley hall. There was a marquee being erected at the rugby club and a clean up going on inside the hall so we spent the three hours outside on the pitch!

Saturday was another busy day rushing around, but Sunday was nice as we went to Callum's birthday barbeque.

On Monday we went to Legoland, part of a group of home educators who booked together to get a group discount. We all had a great time, the weather stayed dry despite the warnings of sharp showers! Roarke was manoeuvred into going onto all the "wet" rides with Joshua, but I did go on the Dragon ride with him!

Jonathan has cut his eight tooth this week, but whether its that or his jabs this week, he has gone off his food (what little he has!) and only wants milk :0( Its a shame as we were starting to make progress with him. He also went 5 hours for the first time one night this week! Just the one!

Tuesday I went to the church Babyboomers meet for an hour, then back here to get ready to take the boys to Monkey Bizz. Two other families there, but I now have to pay for Jonathan who was determined to get his money's worth by wanting to be in the baby section all the time! Made conversations difficult :0(

In the evening Roarke drove myself and Mum (and baby of course) over to the British Legion Branch meeting at Thamesmead & Abbeywood. The Branch have remained disgusted that neither Dad's own branch (Petts Wood) nor Legion County or National did anything to commemorate Dad: he had held almost every position at Branch and County level, had worked selflessly for the Legion for many many years, and had served at Area level as a Standard Bearer.

So, Tuesday night, they invited us to attend and for Mum to unveil a plaque put up in the bar (Dad would be proud!) to commemorate him and all the work that he did. It was a lovely, lovely gesture from a great bunch of people. They bought us drinks, and gave Mum a huge flower arrangement too. It was nice to see some of the old faces I used to know when I was a Standard Bearer too for the Legion.

Painful, moving, but rewarding evening.

Today Roarke has taken Joshua to Blacklands Farm where two teams of HE kids are taking part in the activities there - bungee trampolining, crate challenge and archery!

We've also started signing Josh up for a number of acting agencies - must be all this TV/newspaper work having an affect on him ;0)

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