Sunday, March 02, 2008

Radio 5 Live

Roarke will be on Radio 5 Live tonight, on the Steve Nolan show, just after midnight.

They are interviewing the head teacher from the school where the Jewish pupils refused to study the Merchant of Venice. The school's position in the league tables suffered heavily, after they chose to support the children in their decision.

The debate afterwards is "should children have a say in their education". EO were contacted to ask if we wished to appear on the side of "yes they should".

I shan't be listening live (unless I'm still up with the Jonathan who is really unwell) and I doubt any of you will, but the listen again should be available in the morning. and click on the tab for the Sunday broadcast I think.

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Carlotta said...

Bother, I think I missed the listen again facility. Did it go well?