Saturday, January 05, 2008

So far, so good

The daily "dose" of "must do" learning is continuing. Samuel does a few pages of his timestable book (a cheapy thing, the sort you find at checkouts in places like Wilkinsons or Matalan, but its perfect), and also sometimes more of his maths upgrade. He's stuck on long division at the moment (can't say I blame him!) which is putting him off. So far, we haven't found the key to helping it click for him though.

Joshua is blogging, and continuing with designing his board game.

William spends 15 minutes every day reading with Mum - who comes in to find him if he "forgets"!), working through the ladybird books still.

Jonathan is now regularly having one tablespoon of food, or one piece of finger food, once a day. Small steps.

I saw the doctor yesterday, for both him and me, and she has referred him to the paediatrician. It just doesn't seem right that he is either so sensitive to what I eat, or has a dodgy gut, as he still regularly has huge screaming, colic sessions. I haven't had more than one hours sleep in one go, for the past 6 nights, as he's been really bad. I can't identify a food that is causing it - or rather, not a food that is *meant* (according to the experts) to affect the milk.

Anyway, the paed will sort out allergy testing too for him, as I can't offer him milk, soya or egg until they do, in case he is truly allergic (as he's been reacting to them through the milk).

Roarke was up early this morning, having organised a men's breakfast for the men at our church. Seeing as one of his jobs, early on in his working life, was running a hotel, and then a cafe, I guess he'll feel right at home cooking all that bacon ;0)

I'm looking forward to our HE group getting active again; I've missed everyone over Christmas, and the boys are missing their friends too. I need to gather myself and get on the group board to try to wake everyone up!

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Wobblymoo said...

Oh I hope you don;t have to wait too long for an appointment, you really need to get to the bottom of the problem. Will pray for an early appointment for you xx