Friday, December 07, 2007

The Week

Monday morning it was the gathering of the group of mums who were all pregnant at the same time. We have now been joined by another 5 pregnant women! Definately a baby boom at our church! This Sunday a lot of the babies are being dedicated (as an evangelical church we don't do christenings) and, as we were not at a church when William was a baby, we are having him dedicated at the same time as Jonathan.

Sadly, none of our extended family are going to be there; they have all refused to go, for a variety of reasons.

Before I went out, we had the lady who heads up the catering team at church come around, as Roarke and I have volunteered to cook dinner for some of the church on Tuesday night next week. Hopefully, we've not bitten off more than we can chew!

In the afternoon, Roarke went into the office and I took the boys over to see our friend Grace and her boys, which was a really good way to end the day.

On Tuesday the boys received more Christmas cards from the Early Years list, and got on with making some. Being very "green" Joshua is sending as many ecards as he can to people - including me and his Dad! Definately "21st century"! The two boys have also been sending them to their many e-pen friends.

I realised today, listening to them, that they have both got quite a good circle of friends that they email with now, which I think is awesome.

I also found a bit of time to put some more Christmas lights up. We haven't quite managed to get everything sorted for the start of December like we usually do, but we seem to have done enough, quick enough, to satisfy the boys.

On Wednesday it was mainly about work, both at home and with Roarke working in the office. The redesign of his website has been taking a lot of time.

In the evening, the community group that we belong to from church met here, which was nice as I haven't been able to go to it for months due to Jonathan.

Oh, I just rememberd, on Tuesday the boys "discovered" their invitation to Lapland UK, which "appeared" in the Christmas tree. We'd been out for a chinese, which the boys - all three of them - had very sweetly offered to pay half for (and we let them as it was their insistence that we go!), they came back and watched Dr Who and then by the time they had had their supper, it had appeared... We now have three excited children - one VERY excited aspie..

Thursday I worked hard on the website, and also on a few things for my own website. It still needs a lot of work to get it activated again as it is sooo long since I put work into it, but here is a huge plug for it: if you shop online for your Christmas presents PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you look and see if there is a link to the shop you want on my website?! if there isn't, just leave me a comment and I'll try to put one up!

Your business would be really really appreciated.

The website is

Today Roarke and I got the food shopping done together in the morning. I've had an appointment through finally to see the specialist at the hospital with regards to my IBS/query coeliacs. My GP had made the recommendation 13 months ago - but on chasing it found out that the hospital had lost it... At least they've found me a date quite soon (a week or so).

We have also had through the appointment for William to see the SALT to start the process of investigating a diagnosis for him, too. That's for January.

This afternoon we had a visitor over for dinner, with her daughter (not HE), which was pleasant.

Oh, and Jonathan cut a tooth today! Bang on schedule!

We've all come down with head colds this week. Jonathan has been really quite unwell with it, then I took it, and now Mum has gone down badly with it. With her health and age, like with Jonathan as a baby, it hits her harder.

I finally found some chocolate today that had no dairy, and no soya in it, so I am hording it for Christmas! Shame about the cheese still though...

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Wobblymoo said...

It's hard when you first start following a restricted diet, I think you have to look at it as a positive thing, maybe there is a good reason why Jonathan is intolerant, maybe his body knows something about dairy and wheat that we have been conditioned to accept.