Saturday, December 01, 2007

Petition Against Contact Point

If you haven't already signed it, please think about signing the Petition against ContactPoint, which closes on 20th December.

We need another 70 or so signatures to put it into the top 150 in the list of most-signed petitions. Some 1100 more signatures would put it into the top 100. If everyone who is cross about the loss of their Child Benefit records (which include the name and age of all children and full address and bank details) signed this petition, then maybe the Government would rethink ContactPoint.

More details can be found on the campaign site update post from 27th of November.

Very many home educators have already signed this petition, but it seems that others outside the home education community are not aware of plans for the national database, so I'm suggesting that you think of sending it around your non-HE contacts; I'm sure many are not aware of this database at all, and maybe haven't had a chance to think about the implications.

If you send the petition link to other contacts in your address book, please remember to put everyone's email address into the BCC line, rather than the address or CC line , so that you are not inadvertently sharing anyone else's private information.

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Wobblymoo said...

I sent it toquite a few people and most signed it but noone seems to be passing it on, perhaps we should formulate an email that doesn't mention email to get some good viral marketing going