Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Highs and Lows

Friday was an unsatisfactory day. We set out to do our food shopping, and intended to go to Bookers then Tescos. A friend agreed to have the three older boys, which made things easier. However, we didn't seem to be able to get anything we wanted, and so STILL ended up going to Sainsburys (our usual!) later on in the day.

On Monday Roarke and I rushed out to do some Christmas shopping - finally! We'd done a lot online on Sunday, but we needed to go into the shops for the rest. Less than one hour was all the window I had, between other things, so we did as much as we could. At least we've got most of it!

Our budget is very tight, so that makes prezzie shopping even more of a challenge!

Afterwards, there was a quick lunch (home made gf cheese scones for the boys) and then Roarke took Joshua and Samuel to see Enchanted whilst William went to play with his little friend Toni (and I got a chance for another natter with his mum!).

The boys were, for once, "made" to do some "work" in the morning in order to qualify for the treat. Joshua caught up on his blogs, and on some writing for church, and Samuel redid two levels on his Maths Upgrade. William, I think, worked on his sticker book (though I suspect that didn't last long!).

In the evening, I took it easy whilst Roarke went to his rehearsal for the two carol concerts our church is doing at the weekend.

I love my slow cooker!

At the moment, it is a definate help. Like today for example. I got up and realised that I didn't have any gf bread for lunch, so threw a pizza dough together in the bread maker (another must have gadget!). Wrote some Christmas cards (yes I know I'm too late for second class posting, but its earlier to post them than I did last year! I think my friends/relatives must be used to it by now....). Made the pizzas, then remembered I hadn't sorted dinner, so I threw some cubed beef, stock, carrots, onions, garlic, bay leaf, and paprika into the slow cooker.

Despite the lack of a recipe, it tasted really nice tonight!

Once I'd fed Jonathan, it was off to the hospital. I went to see the consultant today (14 months after the referral, and only after it was discovered that the hospital had lost the referral letter...), to talk through old diagnosis of IBS in the light of Dad's death last year, and the now known history of coeliacs in the family.

They reckon that they need to rule out inflammatory bowel disease for me, as "several of the symptoms" that I have don't "fit" irritable bowel syndrome..

Due in three weeks to have cameras in both ends, which causes issues as it means I'll have to finally learn how to express, and practice to get Jonathan to take a bottle... which I'm REALLY unhappy about.

Mind you, have no idea how Roarke will cope as they reckon I'll be out of action for a while and I've no idea how long the sedative stays in your system and how soon afterwards I can feed him again :0(

Jonathan is very clingy to me, and doesn't tend to settle for anyone else other than me. I think Roarke will need ear plugs and worry beads ;0)

I keep meaning to have a big cook up and freeze, as meals are so complicated now between all the things we can/can't have (gluten free for the boys, dairy/soya/tomato free for me, watching purine containing foods for Roarke...). Some serious menu plannings is required..

To that end, I'm desperately asking around for a spare freezer; we need to put one in the garage for us to use as it is now impossible to fit our stuff into the one freezer with mum (actually I'm after kitchen units too, to put out there, as we have run out of storage space for china, pots, AND larder items). We need to be buying more organic, and therefore more in bulk to save money, and that means we need more space.

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I have 4 children and we often shop at a wholesale club, a seperate freezer was a must and we love it!! Good luck.