Saturday, November 03, 2007

Quiet but Busy

Friday, Roarke had some minor surgery, so someone else from the HE group gave Josh a lift to his sailing lesson.

There was a lot of driving around, but as the hospital is next to the supermarket, I managed to "enjoy" a quiet shop at 7.30 in the morning!

I also had a chance to catch up with a friend from church, whose baby is 6 weeks younger than mine, which was nice.

Once Roarke was home, it made things more hectic than usual as I was trying to do everything.

Today was a bit easier. We recieved the free stuff from the Potato for Caterers site. The booklet full of recipes will be ideal for our church catering team, and the other stuff is going to be used by us. As I'm planning on doing jacket potatoes for our HE fireworks on Monday, I will be able to use it then perhaps!

I used one of the recipes for dinner tonight, together with some rainbow trout which was half price at the supermarket this morning. I'm really fortunate that the boys are used to a wide range of foods and are generally pretty good at trying new things. Even Samuel and William, as aspies, are reasonable though we do of course have a few meltdowns... Tonight though Samuel said that, even though he doesn't like fish very much, it was "ok" to eat it!

I'm feeling slightly happier now I've found some gf, cf, soya free, egg free crisps (Kettle lightly salted!), and also found that the boys' haribo sweets were vegan as well as gluten free!

This, together with the rest of the wine that I used to poach the fish in, has helped calm me down this evening, whilst "trashing out" in front of the X Factor!


Wobblymoo said...

A restricted diet can be quite difficult but once you have found your way it will become much easier. Enjoy your fireworks and congratulations on your bottle ;)

dawniy said...

haribo are vegan - wow Lana will be thrilled !
I'd told her they would have gelatine in and she's trying to be cow friendly at the moment.
the cake recipe sounds good too.