Sunday, November 25, 2007

Proud of My Lads

I'm so very very proud of Joshua. On Friday we went to see him complete his sailing course, and to receive both his Kayak UK Sport One Star certificate, and his RYA Level One, complete with log book.

I think it is so cool that he has had a chance to do this, and I'm chuffed that he wants to carry it on.

Just need a lottery win to buy him a boat ;0)

William is continuing his reading. He was very pleased with himself to have "guessed" right when Samuel was looking for a particular card, said the name, and William worked out from the letter that he had found the right card. It does seem he is slowly learning to recognise the words from the book, even out of context *of* the book.

Samuel is also working hard on learning HTML, and is creating his "corporate website" ready for the two or three businesses he is planning to run in the future!

And to continue with the theme of being proud of "my boys", Roarke sang at church today in the worship team for the first time since joining this church. When I met him, he was one of the worship leaders at the church we went to then, and his voice is one of the things that led to me falling in love with him. He has a gorgeous, professionally trained voice and I always love listening to him. Quite made me misty eyed today :0)

Our HE group is getting together soon for a "mum's evening". This was the great idea of one of the ladies; the chance for some child free time, just getting to know each other as women. I'm really looking forward to the first one this Friday.

This week is going to be busy (when isn't it). Teen bowling tomorrow, another film crew Tuesday plus Monkey Bizz, then a birthday party. Oh and the nutritionist coming tomorrow about Jonathan.

This afternoon we had new friends round for a roast dinner. It was one of the great dinners where everything just came together right, all got on the table without going cold, and tasted how I wanted it to. Ok, so I forgot to dish up the roasted red onions, but nobody's perfect...

I've been working hard on one of the four websites that are on order thanks to Roarke's success with the business. I'm fairly pleased with it (though not enough to post a link here yet!). It's the first commercial website I've created and sold, so I'm really nervous about it.

I'm aiming to create two or three template styles that I can offer out as a portfolio for the future so once they are designed, it will (hopefully!) be less work!

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Wobblymoo said...

Well done to your sailors and singers :) Good luck with the design too