Friday, November 16, 2007

A long week

It's been a long week.

Tuesday was Monkey Bizz. There are three families that are "core" there at the moment, which is nice as kids and mums are getting a chance to build up relationships. One of the mums brought along a friend who is looking in to the possibility of home ed. I love the chance to chat about it and having them see the kids "in action" speaks volumes.

I've had a large number of enquiries this week actually. Some of them break your heart, others make you angry, some get me excited as I can hear the potential in the way the family talk and just *know* that they are going to enjoy their new adventure.

Wednesday Roarke took the boys out with two other families to Keston Ponds, for a muddy walk through the woods, dam building, and general larking around.

In the late afternoon, Joshua had a schooled friend over (from his church youth group) to play and have dinner.

William is working through the Ladybird worksheets with his Nan, Samuel completed another level on Maths Upgrade - this one on long multiplication. It took him a while, but you could see when the penny finally dropped.

Today Joshua had his sailing lesson. Next week is apparently the presentation of the certificates from the kayaking as well as for this sailing course.

The other big news this week was Roarke moved into offices! Where 2 Eat in Kent has taken off to such an extent that not only did he *need* office space, but can afford it too! I've helped transfer most of our "office" furniture into the new place. Really exciting stuff (well, it is for us. I guess you had to be there...)

Jonathan has had good days and bad days. His urine test result showed a "growth" but they said it was one they'd expect to find from the skin so we need to do it again. Goodness, it took 20 minutes of sitting with the pot in my hand, to get THAT one!

I had gluten last night and so, therefore, did Jonathan, and both of us have been in pain and having a reaction today... rather worrying. My original test 18 months ago was inconclusive and I'm still on the waiting list to see the specialist, but I'm wondering if things have changed post baby...

Went up the park this afternoon but no one else turned up, which was a shame.

We have a busy weekend lined up, so this evening we are trying to relax!

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dawniy said...

hope yo had a lovely busy weekend, the eating thing is hard isn't it, lots of sympathy
d xx