Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shame on You..

I made the mistake of visiting the TES website - never good for the blood pressure - yesterday, looking to see if there was a thread in their forum on Time To Talk (as so many teachers were at the events).

There was a thread.

Now, I understand that just because someone posts on the forum it doesn't necessarily mean that they are actually a teacher. But some of these have to be. And quite frankly, I'm appalled.

This needs exposing.

In case TES change or remove the thread (which is highly unlikely. You only need to read some of the other nasty drivel in the forums to realise that they don't care about posts being in good taste), I've posted below some of the little gems that these "teachers" came up with. Be warned - if you have a "non-NT" child, you will find this highly offensive:

"Schools to become 'world class' "Says Gordon Brown.

In order for this to happen, name ONE priority, in your opinion that would have to change.

For me, it would be taking away the 'inclusion policy' for badly behaved children.

Every Child Matters to become Every Child Who Wants To Learn Matters.

Reopen all the special schools and secure units they have disposed of. Put the headbangers in there so the kids who want to learn can start learning.

Special schools should also be built for those unwilling to learn and those that disrupt lessons for others in the mainstream and those with Special Needs who require special educational facilities which are currently not available in most mainstream schools whether primary or secondary.

The only reason that Special schools were closed was to SAVE money. Both Tory and Labour Governments and LEAs directed by the Government closed them.
There is no logical or educational argument that says those with Special Needs learn better in mainstream.

Moreover, the impact of troublesome disrupters that would have otherwise been sent to Special schools has lowered standards all round in mainstream education and often prevents those pupils who want to learn from learning.

Building new Special Schools would also provide jobs for teachers currently seeking posts and would improve standards in the mainstream primary and secondary education sectors by virtue of the exclusion of the disrupters.
The current education system in schools is NOT working properly.
New Special schools would be a revolution in education and would be fit for purpose. -------

Of course they couldn't be called Special Schools any more. They would have to be something like "Personalised Learning Centres".

As well as an end to the inclusion swindle - compulsory IQ tests for people wishing to have kids.Or assessments similar to those when adopting, if you are not suitable - no kids - therefore no burden to society. sorted.

So basically all ideas so far are centred around the need to cut out the disruptive kids and give the ones who want to learn a crack at the whip.
Am I right?

Correct, simple answer isn't it?


I think they can be world class
And have inclusion
And have ECM
IF there is funding to personalise the curriculum ... Really personalise the curriculum -------

I find the fact that teachers, that are teaching in today's schools, believe that SEN kids are "headbangers", who don't want to learn, and who should be shipped off and excluded, sadly NOT a surprise. But to see it actually in print, as if these people are PROUD of that attitude, is just sickening.

No amount of investment in schools, in SEN support, is going to change the victimisation that our children face from some of these ignorant bullies.

And people ask why I don't send my children to school?....

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Wobblymoo said...

I had the misfortune last night of witnessing one of these teachers in action, the sad thing is her own son is autistic so you would think she would be more empathatic. I actually agree with one of the comments though, the inclusion policy doesn't work and should be scrapped but not so 'children who want to learn can learn' that's just a stupid statement but so children that learn differently can have better opportunities.Mainstream needs to get away from their blinkered view of what education is and once they have eventually woken up and realised it , all special schools will not exist either so there will be no need for an inclusion policy, just schools representing society.