Monday, October 15, 2007

PC Wars

Well, they published my blog entry! (thanks Meike for the encouragement). Unfortunately, you can only view it if you are an Associate I think. I'll let you know if I get any comments!

Following Samuel's success with Learning Upgrade, I tried Josh out on it today. Sadly, he found the American voice, cheesy music, and bright cartoons a total wind up!

Interestingly, he also said that he found things like LU, Education City et al, simply test what you are already "meant" to know - and you learn knew things by being told that your choice/answer was wrong - rather than informing/teaching you of something new, and then allowing you to test yourself.

Yet for Samuel, it works best for him. Go figure. Personalised learning again!

I've suggested that Joshua tries using the BBC site again, as their format is more to show you something new, and then gives you the option to revise it afterwards, and he's not yet used their Secondary site.

Despite having no less than four computers in the house (an old windows 98 one courtsey of Freecycle, our old pc, our current pc, and hubby's laptop) we *still* had all the boys arguing today over who went on which pc!

From which you can guess that today seemed to revolve around computers, other than breaks to help amuse my nephew who was in the house today.

In the afternoon I got the chance to get out the house, taking Josh down to the library. He's trying to work up to going there on his own. By his age (12) I was always out the house on my own, however between one's perception of things being less safe "these days", and his own concerns at being stopped and questionned as a truant, he hasn't yet done it. The library is only a 15 minute walk from our house, and the staff there all know him, so it will actually be a good place for him to start.

Talking of truancy, we took them to McDonalds last night and there was a poster up, saying that any member of staff could and would stop a child between the hours of 9 and 2.30, and ask why they weren't in school. I promptly marched up and demanded to see a manager, gave him a leaflet (and a lecture!) about home education, and received an assurance (worth little, I'm sure) that he will make sure all staff know that a child could legitimately be out and about during the day if they were home educated.

However, when asking Bromley LA about it (as the poster had their name on it), I was told
"It is however, very helpful if parents are willing to pass on their details as of course some people will say they are home educated when in fact they are non school attendees. I believe the term “pork pies” is the current vernacular."
Yes, honestly, that is the direct cut and paste quote from the email from the Senior EWO...

Anyway, we went to the library whilst Samuel and William were on the computers (Neopets), and then went window shopping - which resulted in a new top for him! An expensive trip to the library!

Some days are like this, aren't they; nothing much in particular going on, and the children just getting on with their own activities with little more than a guiding hand from us.

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