Friday, October 19, 2007

Last Teachers TV Blog

This is how I wrote up yesterday, for my final posting (appeared today) for Teachers TV:


This morning my 9 year old worked on his maths, using the Maths Upgrade site (

When the post came, we received our free copy of a Letts maths workbook, which looks like being useful. My eldest also received his Silver certificate from the Reading Champions (, together with a badge. I had entered our HE group for the scheme, and so far we have three kids recommended, and two others in the pipeline.

I was pleased to see how chuffed he was with his certificate, and even more pleased when he asked what he had to do to get a gold! I explained that the idea was that these were for boys who had gone out of their way to encourage others to read, perhaps by setting up a school reading club.

So, he decided to set up a new blog. Its for any HE kid to come along and sign up to, and the idea is for them to post book reviews. The aim being to encourage each other to read new books.


From my point of view, not only is this encouraging him to think about what he has read, to put it into words, and thereby improving his english skills, but also it is opening him up to many other HE kids. Win win situation!

And the icing on the cake? My 9 year old (aspergers) was so miffed at not getting a certificate (as reading really isn't "his thing") that he signed up for the blog and promptly posted a review on a book he'd read! If it leads to *him* reading more, and thinking about books, I shall be extremely pleased!

In the afternoon we had another HE family over. The lad is 6, and got on very well with them all. They set up a great imaginary game, with a police station and a house (apparently!).

During the afternoon I also dealt with a media enquiry, from the Independent, who are looking into the latest trends in alternative education. Along with virtual schools, tutors, and coops, we also discussed autonomous education.

Looking more at adverts today, my 9 year old remarked that all the adverts appeared to be about beauty. This led to quite an useful conversation about self esteem, perception, pressures to be thin/beautiful/rich etc.

In the evening we were watching Cheaper By the Dozen. Ok, so its a cheesy film, but there was one line that really stuck with me. When the dad goes in to give up his dream job, in order to be there for the kids, when asked if he was sure he was doing the right thing, he said "if I screw up on raising my children, nothing I ever do will be worth it".

That kind of sums up my underlying attitude to why I, and so many others, have chosen to home educate.

Today (Friday) Joshua had his first day of the new sailing course, which went well. Whilst he was out at that, we took the other three shopping. Not a good move! I mean, shopping with three aspies?! Ranging in age from 5 - 40?!! Samuel had a meltdown, closely followed by a near-miss for Roarke!

I lost count of how high I counted up to under my breath!

Joshua also had more enquiries to his Book Blog. Please can I encourage you to talk to your young people about it and, if they have already asked to join, look out for the Blogger invitation and help them follow through the instructions please. Then get them to post!

I've signed William up for a year with Education City (please use my code if you sign up: E8D45F6F). I'm hoping that he will get into it which, of course, is reliant upon me making the time to sit down with him.

Update on Jonathan: no improvement yet, despite being gluten and dairy free for 24 hours. Goodness, I'm missing my cheese! All the adverts, taste testing, and promotions seem to be for cheese! I'm hopeful for some sign of a difference in the next day because, whilst I don't want him to have an intolerance, at least it would mean an answer for why he is still so "colicky".

Time to go. My blog is being read over my shoulder even as I write... need to remember that the lads now read it ;o)


dawniy said...

it's always so busy at yours!

dawniy said...

xsit's always so busy at yours!

Wobblymoo said...

Very hectic down there :) I hope you get to the botton of Jonathans problems soon, must be hard for you.

Shirl said...

I hope Jonathan's eating problems are sorted out soon.

Congrats to your son for his silver certificate.....:0)