Friday, September 28, 2007

Learning Aspie

Life is rather bizzare around my two aspies at the moment.

They have created their own language, so they tell me. They sit and "talk" to each other all day. This language is basically babble, as they haven't actually created any words. How on EARTH they "understand" each other is beyond me, but somehow they seem to be conveying something to each other.

Very unsettling!

Yesterday Joshua got on with some history "revision", by working through an educational pack he had about the Vikings. We've also sorted out two carrier bags of (mainly) science text books that I was giving via Freecycle recently. They are all GCSE level, but some looked very accessible; the sort of thing that Joshua can just read through. As he is fortunate enough to be able to retain information that he reads, it is often simply enough to let him read something.

With me on hand to answer questions, and check his understanding, this works really well.

Talking of science, at the library (as seen on tv!), I got out "Feel the Force" by Richard Hammond on my "teacher's ticket". Using the lets-just-leave-it-lying-around-casually approach to autonomous education ;0) Samuel has started working his way through the book. Its very visual, and full of little quirky facts (some of which were new to me too!) and is worth a look.

Today has been a very chaotic day; Samuel made some of his famous shortbread (also as seen on tv!) for the Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Nurses that our church was involved in this morning, which he went to with Roarke and William. Meanwhile I got some paprika chicken sorted for the slow cooker. I then picked them up at 11, took Roarke over to Sainsburys where he is doing some promo work for a few days, back home, make lunch, get Joshua ready for kayaking (in the rain today!), all in between feeding Jonathan, trying to answer emails, work out where we are going tomorrow (taking part in the DCSF "Time to Talk" workshop for the Government's Children's Plan), and generally flapping! And I'm still running behind!

Fortunately, two lovely mums going to the kayaking volunteered to take/return Josh, so that's two things less to do.

Just dinner to finish off, then meet Roarke from work and do the shopping together, left to do.

Blogging this whilst bfeeding Jonathan - oh the joy of a laptop!

Samuel's Speech and Language Therapist rang earlier, saying that though she was signing Samuel off, there is a new parents group starting later in the year which she'd like me to take part in; she said it would be good for others there to have contact with us as everything there was otherwise focused around schools. She said we obviously had other ways of doing things, that were working well!

Oh, and Teacher's TV have asked me to blog for them for 5 days, sometime in October. THAT could be fun! They said they now have quite a few "Associates" who are home educators.

We're getting everywhere!

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