Friday, September 21, 2007


Hey, I've just seen that Joshua has written his own blog entry today! Well done son!

I love the way he wrote up the accident with William...

Yesterday we went to Godstone Park for the day. It was a great HE day trip. Lots of families (at least 14 I think), kids having a whale of a time on the huge play area.


And that was just us adults!

Seriously though, it was very good for all of us. A great chance for adults and kids to have fun, share stories, get to know each other. A very positive experience all round.

Today William had his dressing changed on his foot. The nurse reckons some 6 weeks for the inside to heal. Interestingly, she agreed with me that he is showing obvious signs of Aspergers, especially in the way he is dealing with the pain.

So not just am I outnumbered by males in this family, I'm also now outnumbered by Aspies!

In the afternoon Joshua went kayaking again. Hopefully he'll blog about that too soon, as today they DID do the capsize bit. I am SO proud of him. Aparently, Roarke said Josh was unsure whether or not to do it, so Roarke suggested he just went up to the front and volunteer to be first before he could change his mind again. And that's just what he did!

So cool.

Meanwhile I went up the park with the other two and met up with another HE family, which was good.

Crumbs - times up. Jonathan's yelling! More later...

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Fiona said...

"we ended up with garden fork hitting my five year old brother's foot... so now he has a hole in his foot.

The day after that we had to look after him."

i am impressed with first person plural and passive verb sounds like joshua didn't have much to do with it at all !

love, fiona