Monday, September 03, 2007

Fairy Tales, and Television

Well, we're off to Disneyland Paris tomorrow! I don't feel prepared for it at all, and I'm sure I've forgotten to pack something...

I think part of the problem is that Disney is, for me, intertwined with memories of my Dad. He was such a big kid; a real life Peter Pan. He had every Disney movie on video or DVD and he was smitten by the Disney fairy, that appears before every film... When we first went to Disneyland 4 years ago, my main focus was finding a suitable "fairy" ornament for him. I bought him the fairy in a snow bubble thingy, which sat by the side of his bed ever after.

When he became ill and went into hospital, I was at first staying overnight a lot at Mum's, and sleeping in Dad's bed. Every night I shook the snow globe, and mentally said goodnight to Dad.

Mum still does that now, every night.

Going to Disney therefore, is bitter sweet.

On a totally different note, today Roarke got his face on TV! We'd been involved with Channel 5 who were doing a focus on HE on The Wright Stuff programme, which restarted today.

Unfortunately, though I was really the one who was meant to go, I just didn't feel that it would be best for Jonathan, as he would have been totally thrown out by a real change in his routine, and the chances were good that I'd end up breastfeeding on national day time tele!

Anyway, we struggled to find another EO rep able to make it and/or willing to go into the lion's den of live tv, so Roarke offered and was rapidly accepted!

All that effort, for about two lines of conversation... as is the way with these things, it was heavily stacked against us to start with but the family in the studio, Simon and his daughter Simone, as well as the new HE mum Michelle who phoned in, the lady Cher who provided the best ever end to the piece (talking about her 18yo son off to Uni!), and Roarke, all show HE in a fabulous light and I think made a real impression.

(as an aside, the best bit for the boys was that they got Peter Davison's autograph!)

I want Roarke to tell how the day went now, as well as coming back on the points that were raised both on and off air, which he was not allowed to answer. However, we've run out of time now tonight (up v.early tomorrow) so it will have to wait until our return!


Wobblymoo said...

Have a great time, and Roarke was amazing yesterday

GlitteryLana said...

hello lana here , thank soo much for comenting on my blog , hope you have a lovely time a disney land paris , lucky you :)

lana x