Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Channel 4

Here's the link to the Channel 4 News online item on home schooling. It contains the results of the FOI that they did to all local authorities - 134 of whom responded. Showing that Channel 4 has a greater power than the DCSF ;0)

Look up your LA there. The results are quite illuminating.

You can watch the report online from there, too.

The item includes features on Janet and Phil Ford, Carole Rutherford, and Bev Powell. Between them, their excellent articles show a great depth behind just three of the reasons why some of us choose to home educate.

I'm delighted that Carole's group, AIM, have already been receiving enquiries from parents following this article.

We get a mention in this article that is linked to the filmed report.

Channel 4 say that they "want to hear your stories about home-schooling and know what you think." Please email them at, so that we can show them just how wide a community this is.


Elle said...

Interesting reading - thanks for posting the links. Elle

Wobblymoo said...

If that story helps just one child, it is worth it and I'd like to thank you all for putting yourself in the firing line

lisa said...

Glad to have been able to watch that bit from the US. (What DID we do before the internet??) Very enlightening. You have a lovely family. The boys are adorable.