Sunday, August 05, 2007

He did it!

Roarke completed the London Triathlon yesterday!

Because of the extreme heat, he found that he couldn't run the whole of the last leg, which annoyed him as it slowed him down considerably, but all I care about is that he finished safely!

Really, REALLY proud of him.

I'll post his times and final fund raising total as soon as I've sorted it out.

In the evening I did a barbecue for him (also a sort of late 40th birthday bash) and we had 17 adults and 10 babies/children (including a 3 day old baby!) round. Absolutely shattered from being on my feet from 10am cooking, then clearing/washing up; finally sat down at 9.30!

Health Visitor came yesterday, by the way. She had to look up Jonathan's birth date, as she admited she found it hard to believe he was only 8 weeks. Not only is he very long (now in 3-6 month clothes) but he is watching everything, smiling, laughing, and babbling. Not just coos and goos, but 5-7 different sounds one after the other, and really interacting. She said she'd never seen such an advanced 8 week old in all her career!

I must admit, we are finding him quite incredible, so it was reassuring/nice to have her say that too. Maybe we've got a prodigy on our hands ;0)

Or more likely, he's being so well stimulated by his adoring brothers!


Anonymous said...

Well done Roarke!
Jonathon is stepping away from the 'norm' early- guess you are training him well,lol.

IndigoShirl said...

Pass on my congratulations to Roarke....:0)