Sunday, June 03, 2007

Quick Update

Nothing new to report! I'm still having on and off hours of "tightenings", still refusing to go near the hospital again, counting the hours until 7am on Wednesday when I am due to phone in to confirm my inducement (please pray for a bed!)

We've been watching the planes coming over for the Biggin Hill Airshow - and I've discovered that, despite the new batteries, my camera STILL doesn't work! Its a real shame as we had some gorgeous views of the planes flying right over our heads here.

We've seen the Sentry E3 (AWACS), Red Arrows, Hawks, Tornado F3s and GR7s, a "Flying Fortress", to mention just the ones I was able to identify!

Ah, takes me back... I used to work for SBAC - the trade association for the aerospace industry that produces the Farnborough International Airshow. I LOVE jets and fighter planes! Seeing 6 Harriers, hanging in the air, "bowing" their noses to the President's Enclosure, with such a deafening roar, is one of the sights I'll never forget! That and watching the Antonov take off..

Anyway, where was I?!

Oh yes, nothing to report!


Dawniy said...

not long to go though babes :o)

Emma said...

Roll on Wednesday then!
I'll keep my fingers crossed there'll be a bed available and your little man will be here safe and well by Wednesday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Not long to wait then. :0)

IndigoShirl said...

Fingers crossed for you!

Unshelled said...

Fingers and toes all crossed, that everything goes as planned.

Deb said...

I'm assuming you're busy as I write; hoping all is going/has gone well :-)

dottyspots said...

I hope by the delay in posting that that means things have carried on?