Friday, May 18, 2007

Food.. and then there's French food...

I spent a lot of Wednesday recovering from the day before! I really have been feeling drained of all energy this week - a feeling that I REALLY don't like. It also makes me very grumpy with everyone.

Yesterday I got to see the midwife, who immediately rang the hospital to ensure that someone sees me next week, saying "this lady can't be left till 39 weeks" when they told her they were too busy. So.... Wednesday I'm due to go and see them at 4pm, on the "overflow" booking - with 13 other women already in front of me... bearing in mind clinic always runs a minimum of an hr late, and they are *meant* to finish by 4.30, this doesn't sound promising. The midwife suggested I take several books, and a packed lunch.... Anyway, it was encouraging again to have both her and my GP (who I saw first) support me and say that with my history they do not believe I should be allowed to go overdue, and that an early inducement shouldn't be ruled out if these pains continue.

Wednesday night they had STARTED when I'd gone to bed, and I was woken every 25 minutes by the pain, they were that strong. I took paracetomol, but that didn't make any difference. At 4.30am I gave up again and went to sit up downstairs.

Late morning/early afternoon, we had Laura and the twins here. I love seeing them all playing together - and another good side effect is that it encourages William to play "younger" games.

In fact, we've realised that he has been regressing somewhat this last week or so. He's actually been watching Cbeebies, playing with his Winnie the Pooh set, and other "young" toys. I guess its probably to do with the subconscious awareness that he is about to lose his "baby" status. Whatever the reason, I'm actually very glad to see it. I feel he misses out a lot on young things - being so eager to be like his older brothers.

Mind you, he has a vocabulary and understanding far beyond his years, so I guess its swings and roundabouts.

On the food front, it has got really bad again, with him eating so little that he is having constant headaches, falling asleep etc. It all came to a head last night, and Roarke and I spent a lot of time in the evening talking to him about it. I know that, as its psychological, talking about it probably makes it worse, but we've "done" the ignoring bit too - nothing makes any difference.

After a fairly heavy session, he went to bed early (this after it took 1 hr 1/4 to eat his dinner, then we found that the last mouthful was still in his mouth 30 minutes later - more what you expect from a toddler than a nearly 5 year old...) Roarke and I then agreed to go for 4 days without mentioning it at all, but focusing lots of attention on him. We are also giving him the Herbalife shakes night and morning (which he's drunk and loved since he was first weaned - and what kept me going during all my pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding with him!) on top of what little he does eat. We are also adding protein powder (flavourless) to his meals. And of course he has his vitimins.

Basically, we are trying to bulk up his food and ensure that what he eats is as highly nutritious, packed full of slow release energy etc as possible. After a few days of that I'm hoping it will help kick start his natural hunger/demand again - and at least it might help with the tiredness.

Poor kid, he doesn't have any answers for why he does it, and it obviously distresses him. I feel very helpless and useless to be honest.

Today Roarke had some interviews for some work this morning, and didn't make it back in time to help me with the shopping. Samuel came with me instead - and was very impressed with the fact that I've signed up for Sainsbury's self scanning service! He loved being able to zap everything (including passing customers...) and kept giving me the running total of the spend (which was probably a good thing, as it meant I put back all the treats I was guiltily planning..)

When we'd got back, and Roarke got home to help with the boys' lunch, we then nipped out down to the high street, where the French Farmers' Market was being held. It's nearly 18 months since we last went to France and we realised today just how much we miss it. We always used to shop french, cook french, think french, and generally have a more continental attitude to life. That's definately been missing over the past year - understandable, but I want to get it back.

Anyway, having had little to eat for breakfast (can you feel an excuse coming on?!), and feeling very low in energy ;0) I started at one end of the market and worked my way up...

First we shared a large french stick (ah, the REAL thing!) filled with shredded pork roasted over open charcoal.. then onto the next (food!) stall. This time, it was an open baguette, layered with emmenthal, tomatoes, garlic, herbs and saucisson (absolutely gorgeous!).

We battled bravely past the creperie (I usually have a galette, then a crepe!) and instead bought some HUGE meringues (feeling quite smug at having the french to be able to check they were gluten free!). One caramel, one chocolate, and one strawberry.... those we saved for dessert tonight.

We also bought some salami for Samuel (again, checking it was gluten free), 3 cans of Orangina (the boys LOVE it!), and some marinated, roasted peppers with feta and olive oil for my supper tonight (yum!).

We had to pass as many delights as we gave into, but it seriously stirred up in us again our love of all things french; just being able to chat to the stall holders - their whole attitude is a world away from our english shops (though to be fair, some market towns, with real markets, or small village shops are still like that). As Peter Mayle says, you can go out for one 15 minute errand and spend 2 1/2 hrs - just working your way past the shops!

This evening Roarke is out delivering leaflets as invitations to the "Try Church" iniative that our church is running at the moment. I *may* save him some peppers...

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