Saturday, April 07, 2007

Life After Coca Cola Cups

So, what else have we been doing that doesn't involve coca cola cups?!

In my case, I've been recovering from Tuesday, and sorting things out with the hospital. Turns out I do indeed have low iron stores (they ran a different test) so I'm doing my best to up my natural intake as well as taking supplements.

The boys have been enjoying the break in the weather, taking their activities outdoors. They've done a bit more gardening (Joshua helping plant onions and more potatoes, and Samuel dead heading the daffodils for example), and have also set up some good games. Soldiers seem back in fashion, with elaborate hide outs being made for them. This led Samuel into digging a trench, which in turn has sparked off a new "time team" phase. He is convinced that every single glistening thing he finds is gold, and that every piece of pottery is roman. Its very hard to strike the right balance between encouraging him and giving him pride and excitement in his finds, whilst remembering that its not helpful to lie outright to him and tell him something is ancient, when it is not.

All finds, to a child, are valuable, and hopefully we've managed to show him that without making him think he's discovered a new roman settlement! Having said that, of course, this garden has turned up clay pipes, glass bottles, and old coins in our time here digging at the bottom of the garden, and there IS of course the roman villa nearby at Crofton, and the bath house in Poverest Road...

Today I bought some modelling straws for them; my brother and I used to have them as kids and I didn't know that you could still get them! Do you know the ones I mean? With the plastic joiners that come in different shapes? Joshua in particular found them stimulating - William, and Samuel - somewhat predictably - making first light sabers, and then "microphones" out of them... with Samuel then leaping around the room singing Livin La Vida Loco from Shrek II...

I also got Joshua an little set all about Egyptians, a build-your-own steam engine model for Samuel, and a Dora/Diago doodle pad and book on drawing animals.

This was whilst I was out stocking up on steak and spinach this morning!

Two loads of washing later, I ran out of energy. I am being really good (honest!) and managed a 20 minute sleep, then half an hour with a book and a herbal tea in the garden.

The boys are now all playing with the duplo, which is downstairs from the twins' visit yesterday. Their mum was an absolute star, and came all this way to keep the boys' company for some 5 hours so that I could get on with chores - and get a 45 minute sleep when they went to the park! - without feeling I was abondoning them.

Talking of stars... I received a stunning gift today; a beautiful, hand made shawl for Jonathan. Anyone who knows Dawn, knows that she is a very special lady, and she has very kindly been making this for me ever since she heard I was pregnant. The photo doesn't do it justice - nor does it show just how beautifully soft it is! I'm truly blessed by the friendship of this special lady who I have never yet met, in the "real" world. Thank you Dawn!


Anonymous said...

that shawl looks so soft ! d mentioned it in an email today, first i'd heard of it. theo slept his baby blanket with ribbon edge till he was 7+, called it his snooky,fiona

Dawniy said...

hiya babes
wooo it came saturday that's good :o)
I'm sooo pleased you like it !
I hope that Jonathan has a lovely time snuggling in it xxx
love dawniy xxx

Dawniy said...

oooh it came Saturday then, that's good :o)
I'm so pleased you like it and I hope Jonathan will have many happy times snuggling in it darling xx

dottyspots said...

Dawn is lovely (I have had the pleasure of meeting of meeting her family, save for her eldest). Unfortunately, we've not been able to get together of late - I think life has been conspiring against us somewhat :0)

Amanda said...

Hi Ann. I know Dawn in real life and yes she is lovley :0) I know how soft the shawl is because Dawniy made one for Max last year. He still loves it as I'm sure Jonathan will.