Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gluten Free Living

In response to a question someone asked me today, I thought I'd post up the recipe books that I use mainly for our gf diet.

This book, Healthy Gluten Free Cooking, is a recipe book that I use, particularly if I am trying to make something "posh" or entertaining for adults too. I also use the cereal bar recipe for my brother, making them up once a week (though I cheat and use Sainsbury's gluten free museli in place of the mixture they say).

But this book of recipes for the break maker is the real star!

We regularly make the Moist Brown Bread, and the Milk Loaf for the boys. We find it makes reasonable sandwiches for one to two days.

The flavoured breads are a real hit. Cherry and Bannana, and the Cranberry and Orange are really good.

We also use the pizza dough recipe, which means the boys can have pizzas as long as I think of it just an hour in advance; 40 minutes for the dough, 20 minutes to cook in the oven.

We've also made several of the cakes, using the bread machine.

The nice thing is all the recipes use the 4 hr, normal setting on a bread machine - ironically trying to use the gf setting doesn't work for any of them!

However, we found that using the recipe on the back of the Dove's Bread Flour packet, but with 1/2 and 1/2 brown and white flour (both Doves), we get a reasonable load on the gf setting. We've also found the Doves white on its own goes well on the gf setting - but it's only really good for toasting.

Websites for recipes that I use regularly include Peter Thomson.

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dottyspots said...

I'd recommend 'Sweet Alternatives' by Arianna Bundy - a selection of gluten, dairy and soya free dessert recipes. We use it quite a lot here :0)