Friday, March 02, 2007

Commerce and Musicals

Today was a much quieter day than yesterday!

The morning involved mundane things (on my part!) like making some more gf bread, and getting the shopping done.

The boys have occupied themselves all day, with a game that sounds quite complicated, but very intriguing - and educational!

Basically, it seems that Joshua runs some kind of business, which Samuel is always trying to sell things to! Roarke and I have been silently cracking up behind closed doors listening to some of the sales calls that Samuel has been "making"... If Josh doesn't want what he's offering, he "rings back" a short time later with a new offer! I wonder where he gets it from?...

We've heard lots of bartering, and negotiation going on. Interupted occasionally by William breezing in and out using his own version of the rules of the game.

I've really been impressed by the terms and concepts that they have both demonstrated during the game, especially Samuel. Despite his lack of "social" skills and the SPD, he seems to have an instinctive grasp of commerce which is brilliant.

We once set him and Joshua up on the games on "Rich Kid, Smart Kid", and he made far more money on the lemonade stand that Josh!

They are also quite hooked on High School Musical at the moment. Samuel and Joshua negotiated between themselves over pooling their money to buy it, and I duly ordered it from Amazon for them.

Samuel watches it at least once a day; I guess its their version of "Grease" (showing my age now, aren't I?!).

However, what is interesting, is that he is fascinated by the idea of the mixing desk. He went online, all of his own accord, and went onto google images to look for a picture of a mixing desk. He then emailed it to me (my pc has a printer attached, unlike his) and asked me to print it out. Using it as a guide, he is now painstakingly recreating a larger version of it, on several sheets of A4 paper, to use as a template on a box which he plans to use to make a model, real sized "mixing desk".

When I asked him why, he said it was so that he could play along when he watched the movie.
Awesome! Now to find some educational/instructional website on mixing..!

I got through the draft for the Express piece this afternoon; could be worse, could be better. One needs to bear in mind the readership that this will have, and how it could come across to people who know nothing about HE... so some of the bits that in an ideal world I wouldn't have "let through", I have left in for the sake of the "story" and how it will come across. Hopefully, it will still read alright. However, apparently it is now further edited by the sub-editor, so who knows...

Baby Jonathan has been wriggling well today; I can feel him so much more than I ever did with the others. In most ways, that is nice, however some of the movements make me feel quite ill!

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