Friday, February 23, 2007

student looking for help with research for dissertation (physical education)

I have received an enquiry from a student at Chichester University, studying a degree in Physical Education. He is researching into differences between "PE" in schooled and non-schooled children.

You can contact him via me if you prefer to remain anonymous (leave a comment via my blog or email me) or email him direct (rthomas1

----- Original Message ----
Hello Ann,

Thank you for quickly responding to my telephone call, I appologize for the long delay in getting back to you.

Basically I am a student at Chichester University studying a 4 year degree in Physical Education (BA QTS). In 2005 when attending Glastonbury Festival I came across the 'Education Otherwise' stand, where I had a long discussion with the people on the stand about home education. The Dicussion was very interesting with us talking about the benefits of it aswell as the arguments against home education. After the Conversation I became very interested in home education and have since purchased more literature about it and read many websites and journals. This interest has lead me to wanting to carry my dissertation in this area, but first carrying out a pilot project.

In the study I am looking to compare the teaching and curriculum of those who are educated at home and those who are educated at school, with a focus on Physical Education. Im am looking to observe some lessons aswell as interview leaders of home education groups. Ideally I would like to make my observations as distreate as possible avoiding intrusiveness. Being based in Chichester I am happy to travel and speak to people in the Southcoast area. If you would kindly point be the the correct direction that would be much help. Currentally a title and methodogy is still in the process of being finalised.

Thank you again

Rich Thomas

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